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Previously Sold Geckos
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I am very grateful for those folks who have purchased geckos from me - I have had many pleasant transactions and have yet to have any bad ones. I feel lucky to also have made some good friends! Here are some of the things people have had to say about me and my geckos. Thanks to all of them! :)

If you've bought a gecko from me, had a good experience, and would like to submit a testimonial - that would be wonderful! Just visit the "Contact" link above and email me your testimonial - it can be as long/short and as detailed as you want. If you choose to, your time is truly appreciated!

Nationwide Customers

"I purchased my first gecko from Familiar Exotics 6 months ago. Being a first time reptile owner and having my reptile shipped to me made me rather apprehensive about the whole process, but Julie at Familiar Exotics was really easy to work with. My gecko arrived safe and sound, and was very healthy to boot! My gecko was friendly from the start and the amount of time and care Familiar Exotics puts into their reptiles was evident from the packaging to the gecko itself. I have had absolutely no problems with either the health or temperament of my gecko, which is everything a first time reptile owner can ask for! I highly recommend Familiar Exotics to anyone looking for a quality, well cared for reptile."

M.D. - Pennsylvania

"I'm on a forum with Julie and found her geckos through it. I had owned a crested gecko for nearly a year when she posted some pictures of the gargoyles that she had for sale. I fell in love with the way they looked and asked her a few care questions, which she was more than happy to answer. I don't even think it was a week later before I had put a down payment on my little guy! I couldn't have asked for better customer service. She told me a couple of days in advance when he would be shipped to me(then reminded me the morning of) She packaged him perfectly and he was completely happy to let me put him in his new house when he arrived. If I ever have the room for more geckos, I will definitely be looking at Julie's site before I go anywhere else!"

K.M. - Colorado

"My experience with Julie at Familiar Exotics was excellent! Prompt and very friendly communication. We encountered some potential weather difficulties with shipping and the situation was handled with the gecko's best interests in mind. Gorgeous animal on top of it all. Would love to do business again!"

E.P. - Tennessee

Purchasing from Julie, Familiar Exotics, has been a perfect experience! I purchased two crested geckos from her very late in the shipping season. Julie was able to monitor the weather to insure the gecko's travel would be safe and as soon as the weather was safe to ship, she contacted me. The girls arrived in perfect packaging and great condition. They are stunning, healthy, and have wonderful temperaments. I enjoyed the bond developed with Julie through this transaction and I will be doing business with Familiar Exotics in the future. Julie truly cares for the animals and is around to support you even after the transaction is over. Familiar Exotics is top notch. Thank you Julie!"

C.B. - Florida

"I purchased a crested gecko online from Julie at Familiar Exotics several months ago, and I don't regret the decision for a minute! Julie herself is a pleasure to work with. She's quick to respond to any and all questions you may have, and is a genuinely friendly person who produces beautiful, healthy geckos. The young fellow I received has been the picture of health since the day he arrived, perfectly packaged, at my door. If you're considering buying a gecko from Julie -- DO IT! You'll be happy you did." Also, in a later update email about her gecko, "His crests are really starting to fill out, too! He's always had great structure, but with him getting bigger I'm really able to appreciate just how nicely shaped his head is and just how long his crests actually are. There's nothing about this boy I don't like!"

A.K. - South Carolina

Below: My baby ad (3 grams) photo on left, other photos are owner updates at 8 grams and 12.5 grams.
Right two photos taken by and property of Amber Krusley.
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Local Customers

"Julie was great to work with and we came up with a deal and met up within a couple of weeks. She met me on time and gave me my very healthy and well mannered gecko. I would definitely do business with her again!


"I got my first gecko from a pet store and didn't know much about them. I learned a lot of what I know from reading a lot. But Julie is happy to help and a lot easier to answer any questions you might have. She has experience with cresties and knows what she's doing. I got my little guy and he was happy and colorful and settled into his new home. I couldn't have asked for a better little crested gecko."


"I picked up my geckos locally from Julie and she is just as awesome in person as she is to work with online. The geckos are absolutely gorgeous and healthy and she even got them out and showed them to me and let me hold them other than just handing me the geckos in a deli cup and going on her way. You can tell she genuinely cares for her animals in the way she talks about them and the way she is completely open to answering any questions you may have about them. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and look forward to doing to so in the future. Thank you Julie!"


"I have been nothing but impressed with Julie's cresteds and gargoyles. So much so, that I am already planning on my next gecko purchase from her. You can tell by the health, color, and temperaments of her geckos that she has bred for quality and not quantity. Julie is a pleasure to speak with and really knows her stuff. When I picked up my gecko, she let me hold him and get to know him as well as telling me his preferences and quirks. That tells you right there that she really cares and these little guys are well cared for. I got my beautiful boy home and he settled right in all comfy and started eating within a few days. If you want a reasonably priced pet with excellent coloring and personality, then Julie is the one you need to see. You won't be disappointed!"



"Julie has been great to work with and very fair in our trade deal. She is a happy, bubbly person who is fun to get to know, and her animals are healthy and well cared for."

D.L. - Virginia

"Did a trade with Julie for an amazing pair of Eurydactylode argicolae. You can tell from the health & demeanor of the geckos that she takes a great deal of care & pride for her geckos. Julie is great to work with & I highly recommend her geckos. I look forward to working with Julie in the future on more purchases & trades."

A.V.Z. - Indiana

"I just completed a transaction with Julie and things could not have gone smoother. After a lot of thought, I decided to sell my last few breeders and discontinue my gecko breeding operation. But I was in no way interested in posting my precious girls for sale to anybody. Julie posted a WTB thread and I knew I had found the perfect person for my ladies. I have known her through the trade for many years and she has always has an impeccable reputation. Julie and I negotiated a deal we were both happy with which included a trade for a gargoyle gecko. Her comunication was flawless, she paid promptly and the gecko she sent me was in perfect health. She took great care arranging the right time to ship and her packing was professional. I would not hesitate to do business with Julie again either as a buyer or seller. Thanks Julie!"

M.R. - Oregon
Below: Owner update of traded animal.
Photos taken by and property of Madeline Robinette.

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