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Due to my own collection of animals at home, I have found a unique pet-sitting niche that is rarely filled. Pet sitters often will not offer services for exotics, or if they do, they have no idea how to actually provide the proper care. I find it very difficult to leave my unique animals in the care of others, because I know how specific their needs are and that it takes a special person to recognize any problems, and more importantly, to prevent them in the first place! I want to make sure this does not happen to others who have animals besides a dog and cat (though I love caring for them as well).

I have experience with a wide variety of animals and am comfortable providing care for all of them. I will care for everything from your snake to your guinea pig, or your chickens or horses! I love all of these animals and own/have owned quite a few of them myself. Some I have even showed or bred. The only animals I will not care for are venomous, unless their care does NOT require me to work in the cage with them. (For example, I would be happy to be responsible for their lighting, misting, etc, if it can be done without removing a secure lid/door.) If you have questions about the level of experience I have with particular species, please feel free to inquire! If I have no knowledge of the animal I will always do research on my own time to make sure I understand husbandry requirements.

While caring for your animals in your home, I am also happy to watch your house and perform tasks such as turning lights on/off, opening/shutting shades, collecting mail, watering plants, etc. In homes with farm animals I will also clean stalls, fill/wash water buckets, provide grain and hay, or anything else necessary. Everything can be tailored to your unique situation.

Examples of Services Provided
Please note that the following lists are provided to give you a broad idea of the services that can be performed for a variety of animals. These lists are not inclusive and if you have questions about unlisted services, please ask!

Dogs Multiple Walks
Letting In/Outside
Potty Breaks
Feedings/Fresh Water Brushing
Special Notes: Dogs being walked in a residential area must have good leash manners and not be aggressive towards other animals or people. Dogs being let outdoors must be in a fenced yard that they cannot jump over or dig out of.

Cats Feeding Wet/Dry Food
Fresh Water/Sink Time
Cleaning Litterbox
Playtime/Exercise Cuddles/Lap Time

Small Mammals Feeding and Treats
Fresh Water
Replacing Substrate
Toy Rotation

Reptiles &
Feeding Live Insects
Fresh Water/Soaks
Waste Removal
Feeding F/T Mammals
Lights/Heat On/Off Misting
Special Notes: I prefer not to feed live mammals to prevent endangering the predator, so special arrangements will need to be made if that is necessary. All food items will need to be provided by the owner, though I can provide care to feeder animals such as food and water. Please also refer to the information above regarding venomous species.

Feeding All Foods
Water Changes
Lighting On/Off
Monitoring Water Parameters
Lighting On/Off Equipment Inspections
Special Notes: If water changes will be required, all necessary chemicals (dechlorinator, salt, etc) and equipment (syphon, buckets, etc) must be provided by the owner. I will feed all types of food including live, frozen, seaweed, etc.

Domestic Birds &
Toy Rotation
Tray Cleaning/Changes
Outside Cage Time
Letting In/Out of Coop Coop Cleaning
Special Notes: Pet birds requiring outside cage time must be recently wing clipped or pinioned and have good manners, as well as a safe area to play such as a cage top "play gym".

Horses &
Fresh/Clean Water
Stall Cleaning
Bringing In/Outside
Multiple Feedings Health Inspections
Special Notes: If I am required to interact with a horse (including entering a stall to feed), it must have good ground manners (leads, respects personal space, etc). I will not interact with any aggressive animals without a barrier between myself and them.

Rates cannot be quoted here - they are extremely variable and depend on the number and type of animals, number and length of visits required (3 times per day maximum), and type of care that is needed.

If you'd like to arrange for me to care for your animals, please visit the following link and fill out the provided form:

Request for Care

I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) and we can discuss rates. Once everything has been decided, I require a 50% deposit of the total amount before services are provided (for first time clients only). I also usually prefer to come visit your house and meet the animals beforehand - I do not charge for this visit.

Excellent references available upon request.

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