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October 2010 Crestie

July 2010 Gargoyles

December 2011 Crestie

August 2010 Gargoyle

November 2010 Crestie

Jaunuary 2012 Crestie

December 2012 Crestie

Jaunuary 2013 Crestie

Inventory is changing constantly with hatchlings coming and going, check here for updates!

Note: 2014 ended up not being a breeding year for me as I had to have surgery and having my husband take care of our zoo and me was more than enough - he didn't need hatchlings to worry about! However, I'm very excited for 2015 as I have refined my goals and added outstanding new animals from new bloodlines. The list below is yet to be finalized/completed, but fingers crossed for loads of babies! :)

Breedings Planned for 2015

Eggs Currently Incubating

In The Nursery
  • 10/19/14 - 2 from A Mourning Gecko!

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    Newest blog post: "It's About to get Crazy!!"
    Posted 10/12/14

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