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My shipping window is mostly closed at this time but I am willing to hold animals until appropriate weather with a 25% non-refundable deposit and an agreed upon payment plan where the animal (plus shipping) must be paid for in full by the time of shipping. I am also selling locally. I am not necessarily looking to trade right now, but for the right animal I'm always on the look-out! For trades I am looking for high-end super blotch gargoyles of either gender, extremely dark guaranteed female cresties, red or yellow/heavy cream males, and unique female sarasinorum (will trade multiple animals or possibly add cash for that "right one").

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

"Dara" Male Red & Cream Harlequin

Weight: Request current weight
Gender: Male
Price: $115 $85
Description: Dara is a gorgeous little boy who while in these photos was dabbling in base shades of reddish orange, has decided his final base color is brick red and he has bright red blushing like dad that just won't quit! These are baby photos and updated photos are coming soon. His parents are my now infamous pairing of Miracle Max x Athena who have produced the likes of Eos and Panjshir. The previous time I bred this pair they produced a mix of red/creams, orange & yellow/creams, and dark/creams. Dara excluded, his group of hatchlings stayed generally on the lighter range of the color scale and Dara actually ended up being the only red. He has a very pretty pattern and the cream is only lightening as he gets older (all babies from this pairing do this and ALL have ended up with very bright, light cream). It is especially getting very light near the belly and I love his light head!

Dara does have some dalmation spots including red ones and a couple funky "oil spots". Overall, a very nice wide head with great, even crests and overall good structure. I'm holding back the clutchmate to this one, if interested she can be seen here. Other siblings can be seen on the testimonials page or I would be happy to email/link them to you if requested. They've all exceeded expectations and although Dara not might be quite as eye-catching as some, he carries the genes to produce fantastic offspring. Pair him with a red, a yellow or orange, or go wild and try a "blank" lavender! He even has the genes to produce very, very dark animals and nothing would surprise me as his offspring. :) He could be a lot of fun to breed as he'd fit into many projects with my favorite results - "wait and see what hatches"! *Note*: Dara did unfortunately lose his tail a few months ago after struggling with a few rough sheds while the humidity was low, but I personally think he looks just as cute as a frogbutt!

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Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Eggs incubating and hatchlings growing out! Watch for releases later this year!

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